Yesterday started off pretty regular. Not getting any sleep till midnight, waking up at dawn for a few hours, going back to sleep till late morning. Introspecting at noon, beating myself up for things I should and should not have done, scrolling through my social media for a bit, replying messages from my constants; you know, the regular morning in Tosin’s Life. See what I did there? Haha, I’m sure you did.

There was however one thing that stood out about yesterday. An old acquaintance – much older than I am – reached out from the blues and we set a friendly date to meet for evening. I am not going to bore you with every single detail of this meeting, but the meeting left me with gems; rare ones of knowledge I already knew deep inside me and needed someone to remind me of. You see, one of my propositions about learning is we already know all we are going to know till we pass, it’s somewhere deep in our subconscious. We just need the experiences we haven’t yet had or people we haven’t yet met to bring them to our consciousness. Maths, English, Spanish, Computer Science, Engineering; name it, all of it is already in us.

I am going to highlight some of the things I took out of the very impromptu date in the next paragraphs, so if you’ll be kind enough to spare me about 5 minutes of your time to read this. I’ll like that.

  • Fortune favors the brave/bold: Is this a new mantra or what? This is just telling you to do what you truly want and darn the immediate consequences even when they scare you. It argues that courageous actions are often rewarded; which makes sense, right, because if you do what you truly want, what sets your soul on fire, you would do it with a lot more interest and consistency than something that you’re not passionate about. Interest and consistency would mean quality work, ceteris paribus, and quality work would bring you all the clout you need and deserve. Can I get an amen?
  • Every great person makes a sacrifice: I believe this goes almost hand in hand with point one. Bravery involves sacrifice. You need to give up something good to get something great. Saying this is really a cliche; it is the norm, even in fiction. Thanos in Avengers had to give up the soul of his beloved daughter for an infinity stone, Vortigern in King Arthur had to give up the souls of his wife and daughter for more power, heck, even the christian God had to give up the life of his only begotten son for the lives of his precious human creations. Okay, maybe I’m going the far extreme; count me out of giving up anyone’s life or soul for anything but the point is clear, you more likely than not need to give up something to get another thing of greater value. Make a bold/brave sacrifice so fortune favors you. Selah.
  • Enjoy the process: Life is a process; you were once sperm cells in a man’s crotch with the possibility of being swallowed or spat out after a good blowjob session and unfertilized eggs in a woman’s womb only lucky to not have been flushed out during nature’s monthly sanitation, then someway somehow, you became a fetus, then a baby, then a toddler and it went on until this very moment when you’re reading this post. It’s pre-established; attempting to skip the flow would result in some unnecessary complication you really didn’t have to deal with. That’s how life works, there’s a flow. Enjoy it. It’s all part of the journey. Don’t complain away and miss out on all the good times. Ravel in the little things, the little things are nice. The big thing would come…. eventually.
  • Stimulate your mind: I often wonder how mere mortals like us were given a tool as powerful as our minds. Gosh! The mind is so astounding. Everything, everything that we see was first conceived in someone’s mind. Everything! This is your most powerful tool, sharpen it. Find what helps you get in your zone. For me, it’s zen music and nature. They help me converge all my anxiety to positive energy. I can’t think negativity when I’m in my zone. Find your stimulant; it could be reading, thought provoking songs, whatever it is. Find it. Your mind is yours and yours alone. Don’t be afraid to wield it. Whatever you make of it, it becomes and heaven help you you don’t kill it or frustrate it into acting on its own.
  • Have 5 plans: I’m not sure why he specifically mentioned the number 5, but hey, 5 plans doesn’t sound like a bad idea. In his words “plan A is your major lifegoal, plan B should help you get to Plan A. Plan C becomes plan B if Plan B doesn’t work and Plan D becomes Plan B if Plan B and C don’t work. Finally, Plan E is your last resort but most likely the safest”. Remember what we said about being brave and making sacrifices? Yeah, Plan E shouldn’t even be an option.

Those five things my older and clearly wiser  friend brought to my consciousness from the deepest of my subconscious. He helped me put words to bare thoughts that I have had difficulty putting together. For this, I say thank you Bolarinwa for helping me know what I already knew.



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Tosin Oyetade (@tv.sin) is gifted writer, poet, content creator and social media expert, who describes herself as a ‘free goddess and a masterpiece’. In her sparetime, this happy-go-lucky lady works as the Founder/Creative Director of the website (, and Co-Founder of Lifestyle brand (  Enjoy more of her poetry on social media (


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