On the morning of Friday, June 28, 2019, the internet went haywire as Busola Dakolo, wife of popular Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo came out to say that she was raped twice as a teenager by COZA founder, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Soon after the announcement, a new organic campaign tagged #IStandWithBusolaDakolo #HoldYourPastorsAccountable #PastorStepDown started on social media, launching an online uprising in support of Busola Dakolo, and pushing for the investigation of the alleged crime and further prosecution of the offender if found guilty.

This uprising tarried on through the weekend, and on Sunday, June 30 2019, we saw women and youths spring up from their quiet rooms and burst out in the open, straight to the doorsteps of the COZA churches across the nation. We saw these relentless millennials fight against the alleged injustice and abuse of power brought against Pastor Biodun who at this point remained adamant with his claim that the accusations were false.

Despite counter protests and jeers from churchgoers who tried to silence them, these young women and girls, and young men, fought for a form of investigation to take place, and for justice for all the alleged victims of the alleged rapist.

After what seemed like a not-so-triumphant weekend of activism, on Monday, July 1, 2019, Pastor Biodun yielding to advice from mentors and friends, announced that he’d be taking a leave of absence from preaching on the pulpit. However, he reaffirmed that he was not a rapist and even as an unbeliever, he would never do such a thing.

Nonetheless, we cannot dispute the fact that we are in a new age of accountability where millennials in Nigeria are using social media for so much more than just likes and to ‘slay’, but now going ahead to actually fight for causes they believe in, and defend the things they stand for. It is something to be proud of and a future we are excited to see more of.

What is most amazing is that since the banter, many rape victims have come out to talk about their experiences with rapists. Boys have come out to tell stories of how they were sexually abused by their house-helps and seniors at school, etc. Girls have also come out to talk about their rape experiences with men.

There has been so much buzz on social media about this issue, let us know your opinion in the comments below:

Written by: Ayomide Olukoyede

Edited by: Onah


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