Grace Ajilore, a Nigerian Youtuber and Social media celebrity, came on to Instagram posted a picture of her baby bump to inform people that she is pregnant.

While some have congratulated her for getting set to start a family, commenters on Twitter are accusing her of hypocrisy, saying that the woman who has been preaching that ‘men are trash’ could become pregnant.

Grace Ajilore has been lowkey for a while, no vlogs or posts on her page and this news of her pregnancy could decipher why she has not been posting on any of her social media platform.

She has been trending on Nigerian Twitter since Sunday night after she posted on her Instagram page her baby bump, with the caption: “My Christmas came early!
Me & daddy can’t wait to meet our beautiful baby”.

People keep on comparing her and famous blogger and ex-beauty queen Linda Ikeji who had a baby out of wedlock after years of counselling ladies to remain celibate until they become married.

While the post on Instagram has attracted a chorus of congratulations, commenters on Twitter are however, dragging her over her past posts that appeared to indicate that women should steer clear of men. But opinions are divided, with some saying she has been misunderstood.

Here is what some people have to say from Twitter

@JJomojuwa said “The Grace Ajilore trend is why comprehension was so important back in school. It’s also why IELTS is a thing. Check her videos, you won’t find one where she says don’t get married/pregnant. People need to take responsibility for their comprehension. Congratulations to her!”

@kaylahOniwo “So wait , let me understand this, and this is for the people dragging Grace Ajilore, the issue is that she said don’t date trashy men and y’all followed her , Now she’s pregnant y’all saying she played you ? Did she say don’t date men? I’m confused”

Another supporter @Hadassah said: “.Grace Ajilore didn’t say don’t fall in love or whatever
She said “know who u’re giving ur time to, don’t settle, place value on urself & set standards.”
She talks about her man in her vlogs.I don’t know what all this ruckus is about now that she’s pregnant”.

Grace also tweeted “Found the man of my dreams which is what ive always prayed for every woman who watches me I’ve told women to always pick a husband who will love and cherish them not a man who will take advantage we are precious n we should be treated with respect.”


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