Meet Itunu, a young, soulful, budding visual artist from Nigeria. Living in Lagos, she continually explores the true essence of existence through thought-provoking conversations that question the narrative of African and of Africans.

She is excited for an Afrofuturistic world where the continent and its children are not unsure of their power, intelligence and purpose on earth, but are fully aware of their talents, and are taking control of their territories, independently and bereft of external influences and adulterated support.

‘I definitely believe there is a strong need for a paradigm shift amongst the older generation’ (Photo: Neuafrica)

Against all odds, this inspiring young visual artist took a leap of faith, breaking away from the traditional academic path subscribed to by her family and key influences and embarking on an individual journey to fulfill her dreams to become an artist. Speaking with Neuafrica, she expressed her desire to change the ideologies of the older generation which are riddled with simplistic views on what life should be – trapped by self-induced limitations created by societal segregation “I definitely believe there is a strong need for a paradigm shift amongst the older generation – they need to trust us enough to let us make our own decisions – we know exactly where we are going – that’s what makes us different, that’s what’s going to change Africa from what it is today – our strong conviction to chase our individuality, because celebration and confidence which stems from individuality is what makes a continent and it’s people stand out”.

‘There is strength in individuality’ (Photo: Neuafrica)

She continues to push herself to make a difference for this generation, and the next generation of millennials, by creating paintings that will shape the Africa of her dreams. 

‘I am excited in Africa’s future’ (Photo: Neuafrica)

She is currently an apprentice of the internationally renowned Nigerian visual Artist Stacey Ravvero and has dreams of chasing a degree in Visual Arts in Italy in the near future. We are so excited to see all the magic that will come from this talented young woman. 

‘I find a lot of peace in meditation’ (Photo: Neuafrica)


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