The question everyone would probably be asking you this December is “what are you doing this December? where are you going? how is December going to be for you?

Some People made plans since November 1st, most people don’t even want a Detty December, but you see this Lagos, something has to happen “we gats detty ourselves” as to forget the whole stress of the year basically have fun with the “You Only Live Once” mind-set.

Christmas is a time for sharing and giving, the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ as when he was born. Let’s talk about Christmas in Lagos, you see this Lagos it is definitely not for the weak so there are various or different categories of people during Christmas period.

Christmas in Lagos is that “time to detty ourselves”, there are so many things to do this holiday period, but we find it hard to find a category to fit into majorly because of traffic or because there are “72 weeks” in January, most people try to have a squeaky clean Christmas. Lagos is equal to traffic so most people love the comfort of their homes this period all because one step out of the house debit alerts follows.

With the traffic and the number of “weeks” in January some people still plan to enjoy themselves or detty themselves to the fullest and won’t let anything stop them.  

Here are things people do in Lagos for Christmas

The first set of people, are the ones that travel to their village, we think leaving Lagos should help with the traffic and Lagos congestion. The purpose of leaving Lagos state and going to their village is to spend time with their families and have a good time with family members they have not seen in a long time. Eat, drink, gist and talk about everything.

Parties and get together – food, drink, chills, music and dance, what is your Detty December without parties. There are the all-white parties too, the boat cruise and parties that are blessed with foods and drinks, all these parties come with food!!

Private trips, Resort – the rich kids can afford this lifestyle, you see them going on private trips with their baes, boos or family for a calm Christmas holiday, they can’t even kill themselves, no struggle in traffic they are on one resort chilled and relaxing. I mean who doesn’t want that??

Concerts – Lagos and Concerts are 5 & 6, it’s the real definition of Detty December, artistes use this December period for their concerts and bless their fans with beautiful music and the events or show has to come with a nice line up of other artists that people want to see. What is the Christmas holiday without concerts?

No Detty December – these set of people dont even stress, they prefer the comfort of their homes, we dont blame that, remember we said Lagos is not for the weak. They would rather stay home, binge watch series or movies, eat, drink and sleep to their satisfaction. sometimes the sleep might not be enough.

What are you doing this Holiday?

Written by: Odesanya Yewande


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