It has been well over two weeks now since thousands of social media influencers and users started going blue in the profile pictures of for all their social media platforms. It should be clear by now, that this is more than a trend. So, just in case you were wondering why everyone has a particular shade of the color on social media, here’s what’s up…

The BlueForSudan idea is to draw attention and bring to light the ongoing massacre in Sudan which has claimed many lives, left little children raped by multiple men, many injured and bodies of people being thrown into the Nile River.

It was inspired by the late Mohamed Mattar whose favourite colour was the specific shade of blue. The BlueForSudan movement is lending support to Sudan and honoring of the late Sudanese Martyr, Mohamed Hashim Mattar.

We hope the crisis in Sudan comes to an end soon, send your prayers and do what you can to support.

By Ayomide Olukoyede (


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