Beverly Naya shades media for stereotyping women during interviews.

The movie star made this known via her Twitter page on Sunday, February 9, 2020. According to her, when interviews are held with women from this part of the world, the headline is almost always about her marital status.

Nollywood Actress, Beverly Naya has advised the society to reduce pressure on women to get married.

Beverly Naya disclosed this while speaking to Punch’s Sunday Scoop, noting that she has been able to stay away from controversies because she doesn’t do things that would lead to scandals.

In her words, “I don’t do things I shouldn’t be doing. It’s easy when one is living one’s life and one stays away from certain things. That’s it really. I am not hiding anything. If I were hiding anything, it would have been revealed by now. I just don’t do things that would lead to scandals. It’s just the way I am.”

She added: “It’s only an expectation if one allows it to be an expectation. It’s all about what one feels and when one is ready to do (certain) things. When one starts allowing people to determine how one lives, it becomes an expectation. It becomes pressure. It all begins and ends with one.

It didn’t end there as she went on to share some examples of typical headlines used during some of the interviews female celebrities grant.

“Most common headlines used for women: ‘Why I’ve chosen not to get married’ ‘Why I’m still not married’ ‘The kind of man I want to marry’ ‘The right man hasn’t found me’ ‘I will marry when God says I should’ ‘I will get married when the right man finds me’ ‘Why I’m single,’ she added.


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