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We know growing up is NOT EASY, from the pressures of society to succeed, to intimidation from more successful peers, to the fear of failure, and insecurities or self-doubt. It is easy to feel uninspired and ready to quit! You don’t have to anymore. ‘The Zebra’ – our youth-focused magazine is here to be your companion on your journey of self-actualization. Read stories of young people just like you, doing great things, learn how they did it, and stay inspired to take control of your future, whilst being well entertained!


The Zebra magazine is a youth-focused publication creating entertaining and educative content for a diverse youth audience, with the aim of inspiring, empowering and guiding young Nigerians to a productive future. The publication, which is a part of the ‘Route A Initiative’ (a social enterprise in Lagos, Nigeria) focused on bridging the gap between young Nigerians and a productive future, falls under the initiative’s strategy to ‘engage over 1,000,000 Nigerian youths to inspire productivity’.


We are on a mission to reach a diverse audience of young Nigerian readers with enriching and uplifting content, to inspire the zeal to achieve their full potential.

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