You know that moment when you’re sitting in Chemistry class and you get an unexpected visit from ‘Granma’ a.k.a ‘the Red Devil’, or simply known as your ‘menses’? You are just so confused about where to begin, how to hide the funny-looking red spots drawing dotted maps on your sky-blue checked skirt. Well, not anymore. Monthly periods are something to be proud of and grateful for – representing the mystery of a woman and the pride of fertility. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but it is definitely worth it. Every young girl should look forward to that important time of the month. So whether you are waiting for your first period or you have been menstruating for years now, blood stains in public places do not always have to be annoying and awkward. Here are five tips on how to deal with the unexpected menstrual period in public places:

1. Understand that it’s okay – As embarrassing as you think it might be, it is important to note that you are not the first person neither will you be the last person this has happened to. The most important thing is how you handle the situation and its best you don’t panic. Ask or buy a sanitary pad, look for something to cover yourself up, smile and move on.

2. Get menstrual supplies you are comfortable with – For a first-timer, after experiencing this, you need to get yourself familiar with menstrual supplies such as sanitary pads or tampons and if you have been menstruating for a while now. There are various types of sanitary pads out here, find the one that sits comfortably on your panties and allows you to walk comfortably not feeling like you are wearing pampers or a pack of foam. Tampons can be a little bit tricky as it involves inserting it in your vagina and you need to know how to insert properly but if you try it and you feel comfortable using it, all the best sweety! Also make sure you check yourself at intervals to avoid getting stained again.

3. Be Prepared – Always be ready for this so-called visitor so it doesn’t visit you unaware. Before your next period, stock up on menstrual supplies and whenever you are on your period, it is important to walk around with spare supplies in your backpack or bag be it pads or tampons. For extra precautions, you could also pack a spare underwear in your bag or locker.

4. Get to know when your period is due – It is important to note that your period can be irregular and it can change from cycle to cycle. This however is completely normal. All you have to do is track your symptoms and your period regularly and by doing so, you might be able to identify signs of your period approaching.

5. Look out for your friends – Always be kind and helpful to friends or classmates or anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. If you have a spare pad ot tampon, offer them, if you see blood on someone else’s pants or skirt, lat them know discreetly about the situation. Lets look out for each other, we are all in this together


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