Who are we in the 21st century? This poem navigates the intricacies of growing up in this time, surviving the pressure of social media, to avoiding the pretentiousness of keeping up appearances to ‘fit-in’. It is a deliberate resistance against the struggles of young people in the 21st century:

The struggle to be recognized has blinded people from their true dream

The present century has made everything about popularity

Fame is considered the standard of living

People with less forced are forced to pretend, spending their last penny on fakes

The pretense is the fungi, destroying our society

The youths are blinded by the pretense

I am a youth influenced by my society

Pretense or not

I want fame, money, well the best things

Who doesn’t? Not me

But what about the vow to not pretend?

Gone with the wind?

I will pretend, fight…. lose

For what?

I am a youth of the 21st century

I am blinded by the pretense of fame

Am I?

I learnt

“It’s okay to pretend, I will not lose myself”

What a lie



The way I am is perfect, changing nothing

For better? Yes

No regression

I am a youth in the 21st century

A beacon of hope for many to come

I will walk, fall, run, lose, win

Being a standard in myself

A light to others

I am a youth in the 21st century.

About the Poet:

AMINU AZEEZAT JOLADE, loves writing life stories using poems and music lyrics as language expression. Listening to music is her passion, and of course, she is an avid reader. Although an extremely fun person, this intelligent millennial prefers to stay indoors watching Korean drama and reading thought-provoking novels. Follow her on instagram: @Aminu_azee


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